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    " Experience Earns Trust " - Benjamin Y. Saxon III, P.A.

    Benjamin has been practicing law since 1996 and has handled thousands of criminal cases. He received his Juris Doctorate from University of Denver and is a current member of the Florida Bar and Brevard County Bar Association.

    Practice Areas

    Benjamin is a lifelong resident of Brevard County and a second generation attorney able to practice in all Florida state courts.
    Personal Injury
    Personal injury law covers situations in which a person’s body, mind, or emotions are hurt, usually due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. It includes wrongful death, or situations where an injury proves fatal. Another term for personal injury law is tort law. Usually, a personal injury case begins when the injured person, known as the plaintiff, sues a person or business, known as the defendant. A personal injury lawsuit claims that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s injury and demands compensation, usually in the form of a money payment known as damages.
    Traffic Violations
    Traffic violations occur when drivers violate laws that regulate vehicle operation on streets and highways. More than 90% of Americans over age 16 are licensed to drive, often with more than one vehicle registered per name. That translates into trillions of miles driven each year and millions of traffic infractions -- including speeding, running red lights, reckless driving, DUI, etc. Traffic violations are usually issued by local law enforcement officers and processed in local branches of state court.
    Family Law
    Family law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody. Attorneys practicing family law typically handle divorce, child custody, child support, and other related legal matters. Some family law attorneys specialize in adoption, paternity, emancipation, or other matters usually not related to divorce. States have the right to determine "reasonable formal requirements" for marriage, including age and legal capacity, and the majority of states do not permit same-sex couples to marry (but this is a rapidly changing area of law). Likewise, state laws govern the various rules and procedures for divorce and other family law matters.
    Criminal Offense
    A criminal offense (a crime) is a type of wrongdoing that we distinguish from a civil wrong. Crimes are behaviors that society views as offending not just the specific victim, but also the sensibilities of society as a whole. Another way of explaining a crime is to say that the behavior violates society’s moral standards. By contrast, a civil wrong involves misbehavior towards specific victims, but society doesn’t consider the act to be an affront to the public or widely held moral beliefs.For example, why is robbery a crime? Robbery is considered a crime not only because the victim has been forcefully deprived of his property, but because society as a whole will not tolerate violent personal thefts. Or, when a clerk embezzles money from her boss, the business is harmed, but so is the public (society depends on honest dealings between owners and employees).
    Medical Malpractice
    Physicians, as professionals, owe a duty of care to those who seek their treatment. This element is rarely an issue in malpractice litigation, because once a doctor agrees to treat a patient, he or she has a professional duty to provide competent care. More important is that the plaintiff must show some actual, compensable injury that is the result of the alleged negligent care. Proof of injury can include the physical effects of the treatment performed by the physician, but it can also include emotional effects.
    Product Liability
    When individuals are harmed by an unsafe product, they may have a Cause of Action against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product. In the United States, some consumers have hailed the rapid growth of product liability litigation as an effective tool for Consumer Protection. The law has changed from caveat emptor ("let the buyer beware") to Strict Liability for manufacturing defects that make a product unreasonably dangerous. Manufacturers and others who distribute and sell goods argue that product liability verdicts have enriched plaintiffs' attorneys and added to the cost of goods sold. Businesses have sought tort reform from state legislatures and Congress in hopes of reducing damage awards that sometimes reach millions of dollars.




    The most notable position held in Florida by Benjamin was the position of Assistant State Attorney.


    The Saxon track record speaks for itself with over 20 years dedicated to law service.

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